The 9th ECCS world’s largest gathering of researchers in COMPLEX SYSTEMS will be held in Brussel, Belgium, on 03-07 September, 2012. You are cordially invited to submit a paper to our Satellite Meeting in this Conference, which is the 5th one we have organizing in ECCS meetings

Satellite meeting SOMC’2012 within ECCS’12,
September 6th, 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Complex Systems have to face with their own interacting entities within an environment or a context. The specificity of our satellite meeting is to show how collective behaviors or emergent properties can arise within these systems through their structures and throught their dynamics. In this meeting, we consider that control and self-organization are not antagonist and that complexity is typically expressed inside systems mixing these two concepts; each of them feedbacks on the other, using nonlinear processes. Modeling these feedbacks and identifying the multiple two-way links between (i) self-organization and control (ii) dynamical morphology of the system and (iii)evolution of the system, is in the core of our focus. “Does morphology controls system dynamics and if so, how modeling this kind of control?” is an exemple of question that coulg be focussed by expected contributions.

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